3 Horse Riding Tips for Beginners

Are you planning to ride on a horse for the first time? It is undoubtedly an exciting experience and you will have a great time. But first, you need to know a few things about horses and get tips on how to ride comfortably for the first time.

Here are some horse-riding tips for beginners.

Get the right gear

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You should be dressed properly for horse riding; otherwise, you won’t have a comfortable experience and there will be a chance of injuries. You should wear long pants and a pair of low-heeled boots.

The footwear is very important as it will stop you from slipping through the stirrup. Try to avoid any accessories as they may get tangled in the horse’s mane. You must wear a helmet at all times for safety.

Sit upright

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During horse riding your posture is very important. You should sit straight to prevent any accident. Your feet should be in the stirrups and not dangling in the stirrups. This will prevent accidents from occurring.

Use correct signals for communication

You should use the right signals to communicate with your horse. Pulling on the rein is not the only way to communicate. You can shift your body in the right way to signal the horse to change the direction or speed. If you want the horse to stop then simply lower your heels. These simple tips will help you to have a great experience as a first-time rider. You will learn many new things as you start spending more time with your horse.

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